The Best Summer Beauty Products for Moms

A face mask made from pomegranate? Delish!

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Mr. Bubble Brings the Soapy Fun with 3 New Kid-Friendly Products

Celebrate Mr. Bubble’s 60th bday with fun, new bath-time products.

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How to Tell If Your Kid Needs Glasses (It’s More Than Just Squinting)

World Sight Day takes place on Thursday, Oct. 11, marking the perfect reminder to take a proactive role in your child’s vision health.

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Diaper Envy: Parasol Co Launches Our New Obsession

Get the scoop on the newest, eco-conscious fashion diaper on the market.

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Could This Be the First Spa for Babies?

A soak in water, warm towel and gentle massage is what babies get at a buzzed-about new oasis. Get the scoop here.

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Goodbye Boogie Blues

Junior has got you beat in the booger wars. Every time you attempt to attack the crusty mess on his face, he’s gone like the wind. See, he doesn’t like how it feels when you rub his tender nose with…

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