Live Stream Baby Beluga, Big Belugas & More From the Comfort of Your Couch

Start watching on July 15 and see if you can help ID whales!

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Teaching Your Child About Climate Change

As we struggle to improve our own climate literacy, the inundation of messaging on the topic has made it more important than ever to start the conversation about climate change and global warming with our children.

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Make This Tonight: Easy Noodle Pancakes

Catherine McCord of Weelicious combined these two popular dishes into one, and we have a hunch this noodle pancake recipe will be a new fave in your home.

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Super Slopes! Where to Go Sledding in Chicago & Beyond

Dust off the sleds and cold-weather gear for a bit of downhill fun in the snow!

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The Disney x Happy Socks Collab Just Got a Festive Update

You feet are about to get a whole lot happier.

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Homeschooling Families Are Hitting the Road in RVs

Families are getting creative with new schedules, routines and workspaces.

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3 Proven Stress Relief Techniques That Take Less than Sixty Seconds

Feeling so stressed and pulled so tight you just might break? Try one of these techniques for 60 seconds—you may be surprised to find that you feel immensely better immediately.

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Grab Your Bestie: Starbucks Is Offering BOGO Iced Drinks Today Only

Cool off with the newest Happy Hour deal, but do it today!

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Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week: Apr. 5, 2019

Don’t start your weekend without catching up on some hilarious tweets.

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Ridiculously Easy Ways to Make Time for Self Care

Photo: Pixabay
We all have those days. Find the other shoe. Wipe the toddler’s nose. Read a book for the 102nd time. Coffee got warmed up four times and you were never in any room, including the bathroom, by yourself.…

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Clifford Is Back & He’s Better Than Ever In This New Reboot

Your favorite big red dog is making a comeback.

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5 Reasons Why the nanobébé Starter Set Is a Game-Changer

Find out what this working mom loves about this revolutionary baby bottle.

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What’s for Dinner? Vegetarian Fried Rice

For an easy “clean-out-the-fridge” dinner, you’ve got to try this recipe from Slow Sundays.

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Healthy Nachos

Who said nachos have to be bad for you? This recipe from Rani Hansen of You Totally Got This proves otherwise.

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10 Movies That Teach Young Kids About Climate Change

By Angela Zimmerman, Common Sense Media
Climate change is tough to discuss with young children, but these kid-friendly movies are an excellent way to start the conversation. Documentaries like A Beautiful Planet and To the Arctic offer elementary-aged kids a …

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The (Politically) Correct Questions I Ask My Teenagers

I can’t seem to get it right with my teenagers this week.

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Whatever I suggest is wrong. The advice I give is outdated, the questions I am asking are ignored. Even my impression of the…

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Muggles, Rejoice! Two New Harry Potter Books Are Coming

Two more magical books are on their way, courtesy of the British Library.

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3 Vital Life Lessons I’m Learning from My Kids

I have always viewed motherhood from the perspective of a teacher. We’re the ones teaching our kids everything, right? Of course, this is true, we do teach kids so much about the world that they take with them as they grow older. But, did you ever stop and think about how much your kids are teaching you?

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How One Campaign Supports Single Moms on Mother’s Day

This incredible organization is giving single moms a helping hand for Mother’s Day.

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Your Eco-Chic Cotton Tote Bags May Not Be As Environmentally Friendly As You Think

Photo: lisaclarke via Flickr
Right when we thought we’re saving the planet by switching from plastic bags to canvas or cotton tote bags, a study on grocery carrier bags conducted by the UK’s Environment Agency proves us wrong. Retailers started…

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11 Kitchen Gadgets That Every New Parent Needs

Whether you’re in the rice cereal, puree, or finger food stage, arm yourself with a few of these cool tools to make meal prep easier.

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Inside SOMA’s New Brazilian Steakhouse

Find out why this modern outpost that’s serving up gaucho-style eats will soon become your new family date night spot.

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Soups On! PDX’s Hottest Soup Carts for Comfort Food on the Go

From classic tomato to ramen to chowder, Portland’s soup carts offer quick, filling meals for the whole family.

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92-Year-Old Meets Her New Great Grand-Daughter

Photo Courtesy: User: Fishtails on Reddit
Having a baby is a milestone not just for parents, but for the rest of the family too. Who can forget the feeling of revealing your newborn for the first time?
This moment, captured …

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Some Like it Lux: Bacara con Kiddos

Want a vacation that manages to combine the luxury of a resort, the stunning surprise of a butterfly sanctuary and loads of natural fun for kids? Look no further that Santa Barbara’s Bacara.

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Mobile Food Rodeo’s Winter Feast

Get ready for winter with the Mobile Food Rodeo’s second annual Winter Feast! This one-day celebration of food truck grub takes place on Sunday, November 17 at the popular Fremont Market.
This year, all the trucks will be preparing a…

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No Guilt Turkey Tacos

Instead of ground beef, these tacos call for turkey, so they’re a lot less “guilty” while still tasting delicious. So go ahead and serve yourself a second, we promise the whole fam will be gobbling them down in a flash.

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Arthur Ashe Kids Day Serves Up Endless Fun

The end of August is almost here, which means that the countdown to the 2012 US Open is underway. But before tennis pros take to the court on August 27th, your little tennis fans can meet the athletes, check out…

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Date Night: Seattle’s Hidden Restaurant Patios

It’s not too often that Seattle graces us with weather that’s nice enough to spend some serious time outdoors. It’s probably even more scarce that you’ve gotten to enjoy an evening of fantastic weather without the kids. Well it’s about…

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7 Easy & Fun Outdoor Activities for Los Angeles Kids

While the rest of the country is bundling up in layers, all of us in Los Angeles are thanking our lucky stars for the unseasonably warm weather. Let’s forget global warming for a minute and admit that walking around in…

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Date Night: Where to Enjoy Hot Chocolate in Seattle

Use the cold weather to your romantic advantage and sample Seattle’s five finest hot chocolate spots. These decadent beverages go far beyond the kitchen microwave and pre-mixed packet, warming the senses with rich, unique flavors that quickly remind us why…

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Explore Golden Gardens Park and Beach

Ah, beach weather. Now that Seattle has finally warmed up, planning your list of favorite beach outings is key. For grownups, Golden Gardens Park is the picture-perfect place to watch a sunrise or sunset. And for Seattle kids, it doesn’t…

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Stanford’s Kid-Friendly Cool Café

Food with a View…of Your Kids

With the weather warming at last, dining alfresco is more and more appealing.  Still, even restaurants with outdoor seating can be challenging with children.  It can seem unfair to make children sit still outdoors…

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