DIY Finger Paint! Try This Recipe for Baby-Safe Non-Toxic Paint

Did you think these ingredients would make paint?

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Newborn Tips from a Delivery Nurse

“Every new parent runs into one hiccup or another when it comes to how they envisioned their first few days with their baby. Do your best to try and go with the flow—you’ll be much happier if you give yourself some slack right from the beginning!”

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The Basics of Brushing Baby’s Teeth & Gums

Even before your baby’s first tooth breaks through, you should start an oral hygiene routine. Here’s how.

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Real Talk: We Need to Chill Out about These 5 Things with Our Kids

Here is a list of five things that I’ve heard most moms my age stressing over and why most of them are molehills masquerading as mountains.

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8 Great Alternatives to a Lemonade Stand

Tired of the same-old business venture for your little entrepreneurs? Try one of these great ideas, instead.

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How To Brush A Toddler’s Teeth

Photo: pixabay
I have a toddler and before I did, I had a totally different idea on what it took to brush a toddler’s teeth.  I had never been in the trenches before and probably gave not so great advice…

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