6 Quacking Ponds for Your Ducklings

Take a little stroll around these ponds to see ducks in action.

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Hidden Gem Find! Inside the Cathlapotle Plankhouse

Just 20 miles from Portland this hidden gem is a must-visit. Find out why you need to visit now.

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The Wildlife Refuge to Scamper to Now

Give yourself a break and road trip it to this peaceful animal refuge.

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The Perfect Wildlife Walk for Your Little Naturalist

Can your little one identify local birds and plants just like a seasoned zoologist or botanist? They may be city kids, but at heart they have an appreciation for nature that can only be fueled by time spent outdoors. Well,…

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A Fall Day Trip to a Land of Pumpkins, Scarecrows & Costumes

If your kids are anything like ours, they’ve had their Halloween costumes picked out for months and are begging for a visit to the pumpkin patch. Since we love Halloween as much as they do (besides the over abundance of…

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Explore: Hiking (and Shopping) at Redmond Ridge

Hidden Treasures on Redmond Ridge
How about a fun day trip that includes some serious nature and…shopping!? (Who knew bird-watching and boutiques could co-exist?) Pack the walking/hiking shoes, kiddie backpack, some snacks, (and a credit card) and head East to…

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