Books That Will Get Your Child Excited about School

From a pig who is determined to learn how to read to a big kid who learns to stand up to a bully, these stories will help prepare kids for a great year of learning.

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Go Wild! Animal Encounters In and Around Atlanta

Atlanta animal encounters are wild and wonderful—and abundant!

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Peep On a Perch Is Easter’s Adorable Answer to Elf on the Shelf

Move over Elf—there’s a new holiday friend on the shelf!

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This Is Me Embracing Imperfection

“And you know what? I’m okay with it. The silver lining to the pandemic—I was finally able to find some calm, some peace. So this is the new me, with the weird side bun, no makeup, and a smile on my face.”

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Jenny Slate

Jenny Slate Announces First Pregnancy

She announced the big news on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”.

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I Declare! Funny Household Laws to Make Your Kids Follow Today

Today is National Law Day and we’ve found 5 funny ways you can make and break some rules around your house.

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Help! Save Me from My Pet Name!

“Many families call their children various nicknames that range from the cute and funny to the ridiculously weird. But what happens when you don’t like the nickname your kid gives you?”

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Read Every Parenting Book You Can—Then Toss Them All in the Trash

Photo: Sonal Patel-Saraiya
There’s a certain lure to self-help books. Especially if you’re anything like me. I’m always on the quest for more knowledge, always the perpetual student. 
I’m always either trying to constantly look for ways to better myself…

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Why There’s No Such Thing as Magic Words

“When the magic words don’t work—when the child is asking for something the parent is unable or unwilling to give—little Evan or Marguerite is disappointed, even upset to the point of melt-down.”

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Story Pirates Season 4

Story Pirates Launches 4th Season of Top-Rated Podcast

They also just launched regular online after school programs.

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16 Signs You’re a Portland Parent

From riding bikes everywhere to trying atypical ice cream flavors, here are 16 signs that you truly are a Portland parent.

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Tiny Chef

The Tiny Chef Releases New Picture Book

The Tiny Chef has lost his recipe book.

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You Were Born on a Saturday Morning in Philadelphia

Photo: Author
You were born on a Saturday morning in Philadelphia. It was early, and the January sun was shining. It wasn’t like it was in the movies. There was no rush of activity or newborn screams. The room was calm…

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New Shows & Movies Coming to Disney+ in August

From insider sneak peeks to anticipated adaptations, here’s what the Mouse has in store for you this month.

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Weird But True

All New Season of National Geographic’s “Weird But True” comes to Disney+

Seasons one and two are available now on the streaming service.

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Letter Go: 10 Questions to Ask Your Penpal

Celebrate your child’s friendships new and old by starting penpal correspondence this summer!

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Finding Your Goodness During Quarantine

“Try, try try, I implore you to find a moment in a week for yourself, to have a self-love moment. We all need it.”

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National Geographic Launches New Resource for Kids and Parents

Keep your kids entertained and informed with fun learning activities.

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Kristen Bell Town Hall

Kristen Bell Hosts Nickelodeon Coronavirus Special for Kids

The hour-long special answered young people’s questions about the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Father and children

Fathers Are Parents, Not Babysitters

“It’s time we change this narrative. One dad at a time.”

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What It’s Like to Parent a Child with Autism & SPD

“When I first found out why my child was in need of extra attention, part of me crumbled. Being a single mom is hard enough, but when you add judgment into the equation from those close to you, you can’t help but feel like you have made a mistake or that you failed your child.”

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Country Singer Kane Brown and His Wife Welcome a Baby Girl

The couple welcomed their first child together and shared the happy news this week.

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Oh, Awkward! Top 10 List.

Photo: Kimberley Bosman Photography
Dear Confessional,  
I am a magnet. Seriously, if there’s an embarrassing moment or clumsy situation to happen, I may just be that person. Thankfully, as an adult, I have finally grown enough confidence to no longer get…

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8 Changes You Should Never Make for Your Partner

Here are some parts of you that you should NEVER change because of someone else, and how to tell if you already, so you can stop.

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This Twin Just Gave Her Sister the Coolest Gift in the World

This twin is giving her sister the ultimate gift.

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The Urban Dictionary for Parents (Abridged)

Ever feel like the tweens and teens around you are speaking another language? We can help.

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We Tried Starbucks’ New Juniper Latte—Here’s What It Tastes Like

The latest Starbucks holiday drink is like a Christmas tree in a cup.

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Michael Bublé Opens Up about His Son’s Cancer Battle in Emotional Interview

This singer got real during a recent episode of “Carpool Karaoke.”

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This Is What Everybody Buys at Costco

You use this item every day, but you’ll probably never guess what it is.

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