I’m Scared for Our Daughters

“As I raise daughters in today’s world, I am often scared. Scared for their safety and for mine.”

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Father and children

Fathers Are Parents, Not Babysitters

“It’s time we change this narrative. One dad at a time.”

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Here’s What I Can Truthfully Say about Breastfeeding

Through all my breastfeeding challenges, I somehow emerged as a mom who still champions it for others.

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How to Get Excited About Exercise (So You’ll Actually Do It)

Hating exercise is all in your head. Here’s how to change your perspective.

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New Study Reveals Moms Need a Full Year for Recovery After Giving Birth

New mothers may be told by books and doctors that they’ll be back to ‘normal’ within six weeks of giving birth, but a new study has found that most women take much longer to recover.

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An Open Letter to My Direct Sales Friends

Photo: Ann Larie Valentine via Flickr
Dear friend,
I got your text last night. It came in while I was making dinner for the kids. Your name popped up on the screen, and normally I would jump to answer it,…

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