Passing Resilience to Our Children

“Resilience is about getting up, finding a new path, and moving forward to ultimately achieve your goals and dreams.”

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“Parents” Survey Finds Kindness Is Most Important Value

Yet 76% of moms believe kids today are less kind than past generations.

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This Surprising Idea Saved Our Weekends

“This unexpected idea not only changed our weekends for the better, but we realized it also gave our kids a sense of responsibility and accomplishment.”

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3 Essential Entrepreneurial Skills Every Kid Should Know

Want to encourage your kid to be a risk-taker and create their own path? These 3 life-skills will help set them up for success!

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10 Lessons I Learned from My Grandparents

“Grandparents are great—they are treasure troves of life experiences and can teach us priceless lessons.”

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Mission to Succeed

Photo: Ruthi Davis Photography
Uncovering the secrets to achieve true success when a tireless work ethic isn’t enough.
Exhaustion and sleep deprivation are completely underrated. When the barrage of personal and professional to-do tasks receive their final checkmarks, When the kids…

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Life Lessons from a Sweet Tooth

Photo: Ruthi Davis Photography
Dear Confessional,
I’m sorry, but life is not “like a box of chocolates,” because if it were, then each bite would be sweet and probably not last more than 10 minutes in my hands (especially if they were…

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kids spraying hose, water

7 Non-Boring Chores That Teach Kids Responsibility

Shores are a great way of helping kids build their independence and work ethic while teaching them responsibility as well as valuable life skills.

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I Encouraged My Daughter to Get A Job. Here’s What Happened

I felt it was time my daughter started learning one of the fundamental pillars of teen independence—financial independence.

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Guiding Your Child to Find Their Self-Identity

“Always be yourself. Be an original. Embrace your unique qualities.”
We parents love telling our kids this. While these nuggets of wisdom are true (and make us sound cool and wise) many of us rarely pause to think of what…

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What The REAL Teenage Years Are Like

Diapers and strollers and sippy cups have become boxer shorts and MetroCards and coffee cups.

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Teaching Our Children Life’s Most Valuable Lessons

Here’s how we teach our children some of life’s fundamental lessons.

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How Mom And Dad’s Different Personalities Made Me the Man I am Today

I’m a person that was blessed enough to have a great relationship with both my mom and my dad. The amount of love, lessons and wisdom they poured into my life inform my parenthood strategies and outlook to this day.…

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3 Ways You Can Help Your Kid Land That First Job

There comes a time in many kids’ lives that they want to land their first “real” job. Maybe it’s because they want spending money or just don’t want to keep giving handmade gifts. Nevertheless, a teen landing their first job…

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7 Local Kid-Inspired Businesses We Love

These LA area kid-inspired businesses are run by some very motivated mamas who power lunch alongside packing lunch!

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I Am My Mother’s Daughter (with a Few Upgrades)

Every mother has a different st‌yle of parenting. Some are more lenient, others more strict. Some mothers shower their children with constant affection while others take the ‘tough love’ approach.
I am a firm believer that we are a product…

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Kids Who Do Chores Grow Up To Be Successful Adults – Here’s Why

Experts believe doing chores will help kids grow up to be successful adults.

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Celebrating Our Friend, Brandi McWade

The Red Tricycle team is devastated to share that our Digital Media Manager, Brandi McWade lost her battle to metastatic breast cancer this weekend. Our hearts are broken.

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Brandi inspired all of us with her…

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We are America

Photo: Nathan Glenn
It’s Inauguration Week, and to say there’s a little anxiety and turmoil over this change in political power and what it means for our future is possibly an understatement. I’ve struggled with my own feelings in reaction…

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A Crucial Lesson Learned In My Youth, From My Father

Photo: Tyler Jacobson
As with so many things in our lives, we never fully appreciate what we have until it’s not around anymore. Like most kids, when I left home to attend college, I didn’t imagine missing anything about life…

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Let’s Play a Game of Musical Apps

Test the musical waters with these three music and instrument apps before splurging on the real thing!

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Wow, Tyra Had a Baby? Congrats!

We love Tyra Banks, not only for her fierce advice to young aspiring models (“Stop saying these negative things about yourself. Look in the mirror and find something about yourself that’s positive and celebrate that!”), but also for her incredible…

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Snap To It! 8 Local Services That Save You Time

These new services are mom and dads’ little helpers, offering to everything from clearing the clutter from your closets to making house calls when Fido feels under the weather.

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The Butterfly Joint: A Unique Woodworking Studio for Kids

Check out this Bay Area kids woodworking space that’s looking for your help to become a reality!

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