Grab LEGO’s New Rainbow Set Just in Time for Pride Month

Everyone is Awesome will be available to buy starting June 1!

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remote work

Check out the Top 100 Companies Hiring for Remote Jobs Right Now

FlexJobs annual list also highlights fast-growing careers for remote jobs.

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9 Cool Things to Teach Your Kids (& Yourself) About MLK

Today marks Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday (Jan. 15). Take the opportunity to learn more about this powerful man, his lasting legacy and what it means for kids today.

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Woman working on laptop

Study Reveals 4-in-10 Women Debating Leaving Workforce Due to COVID-19

Women are also more concerned about everyday finances.

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Your #1 Goal This School Year? Practicing Compassion

“Being compassionate toward yourself and your family members is all-important right now. It doesn’t mean that you are lowering your standards; it means that you need new standards for these new times.”

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Zoom call

Study Examines Burnout While Working Remotely

37% report working longer hours since the pandemic started.

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Care.com Survey Reveals What Is on the Minds of Working Parents

Parents shared how they are feeling about juggling their child care responsibilities with work responsibilities.

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Pandemic Parenting: Things Are Not Okay and It’s about to Get Worse

“Hey, male colleagues—do me a favor, don’t just outsource these tasks to your wife. Get involved, and also make sure you help advocate for your female colleagues.”

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How to Thrive during COVID as a Working Mom

“There are ways to thrive in these turbulent times if you’re willing to make trade-offs. Here are four key steps that will help you manage the increased stress and responsibilities resulting from working at home during COVID.”

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Woman in office

New Study from LinkedIn Explores the Barriers Working Mothers Face

There are steps companies can take to make life easier for working parents.

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11 Reasons Why Chores Make Kids More Successful (According to Studies)

Studies show that assigning chores helps children build life skills and grow into well-adjusted young adults.

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5 Reasons Why the University of Washington Can Make College Dreams a Reality

College plans derailed by all those adorable kiddos? Don’t worry, UW has your back.

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Nursing Mother

PSA: Now You Can Pump & Ship Breast Milk Internationally

This company helps moms get breast milk home to hungry babies.

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This Study Shows the Stress Working Parents Face Could Actually Cost Them Their Jobs

Working parents face the difficult choice between wanting to take on more at work and being present for their family.

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Dear Working Mom: I Don’t Know How You Do It

Dear Working Mom,

I don’t know how you do it.

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Say Hello to Transformational Parenting

The best part of practicing transformation parenting? You’ll probably find yourself feeling happier and more relaxed because you won’t be on edge (as much) about test scores, future athletic prospects, or college applications.

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Dear Employer, I Forgot to Mention That I Am Pregnant

I felt so dishonest like I was lying by omission, but I wanted this job badly, but I was running out of time—I was about to start on a job when I was in my third trimester, and my boss had no clue.

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Work/Life Balance Is a Myth. This Is What We Should Be Talking About Instead

There is a misconception in the corporate world that “balance” exists, and our lives would be better if we could just achieve it. I’m here to tell you that concept is a myth.

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This is What Moms Really Want for Mother’s Day, According to Research

This year’s Modern Family Index gives us all the details on moms in the workforce.

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Re-Entering the Workforce After Kids? Here’s How Moms Can Tackle Their Fears

“We asked six women for their best advice on breaking down barriers and jumping back in.”

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Pixar’s Latest Short Has a Powerful Message & We Are Loving It

This Pixar film weaves a powerful message—and we’re hooked.

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Too Many Women Are Afraid to Tell Their Boss They’re Pregnant: Report

There’s definitely room for improvement for moms in the workplace.

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The Motherhood Penalty Is Real & It’s Holding Too Many Moms Back, Report Finds

Despite being great workplace leaders, moms face this major hurdle.

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It’s Not Too Late: Resolutions for Parents Strapped for Time

Is that you?  Are you feeling as if you should have made New Year’s resolutions, but haven’t yet because you know you can’t possibly fit one more thing into your life?  You know you need time for work in the…

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You Can Have a Career or Be a Good Mom. Why Not Both?

Here’s the truth: millennial women value motherhood.

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Prince William Has an Important Message for Dads about Mental Health

Prince William opened up about his own experiences with mental health issues, especially as dad.

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Only 2 U.S. Cities Protect Working Moms Who Breastfeed

Almost no major cities have laws to protect breastfeeding moms going back to work.

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Moms with Rude Coworkers Are More Likely to Do This with Their Kids at Home

Having rude co-workers doesn’t just affect you, it has an impact on your kids, too.

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Do You Have an Orange Tabby Cat to Spare? This Mom Needs It in Now-Viral Post

This mom wants to borrow your cat for a very good reason.

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