You Can Play “Where’s Waldo?” on Google Maps—But You Need to Find Waldo Soon

That worldly Waldo is back at it again—and now you can track him down with Google Maps!

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March Spoke Writing Challenge: Choose Your Own Adventure!

Tell us your stories of adventure, travel and exploration with your family.

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The Scary Part of Halloween and How to Keep Kids From Getting Spooked

In front of my kids’ preschool there is a house with Halloween “decorations” that look like a graveyard with bones and bloody hands and feet lying around. We’ve walked by there once and have been avoiding it ever since. Now,…

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Hit the Road, Apps! 10 Virtual Ways to Explore the Planet

Go around the world in an afternoon when you download one of these entertaining apps for kids.

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How travel benefits children: Helping children learn and understand culture, diversity and varying lifestyles

Providing your kids with the opportunities to travel offer more advantages than you may expect. Travel allows children to embrace cultural diversity while exploring foreign destinations. These experiences enable them to develop an open-mindedness to new ideas and philosophies and…

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20 Minute Pasta With Cream and Ham

Some days it feels as if all our kids will eat is pasta. To save you from another night of plain, buttery pasta, we humbly suggest this creamy, ham-y, pasta dish that also has major grown up appeal. Marta at…

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