The 9 Most Helpful Children’s Worry Books

These books can help children’s anxiety by helping them identify their worry and taking action to replace the negative thoughts.

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Scheduling “Worry Time” Can Help Combat Anxiety in Kids

“This is such an anxious time for all of us, having anxiety-reducing tools in our parenting skill set seems imperative.”

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This Clever DIY Worry Box Helps Kids with Worry & Sleep

“Here is a DIY research-based craft from a child psychologist that is almost guaranteed to lessen your child’s concerns and create smiles.”

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Shrinking the Worry Monster When Worries Are Real

“Learning to shrink the ‘Worry Monster’ has never been so important and with these tools, you and your kids can practice ways to reduce the worry in your lives.”

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Managing Anxiety & Stress in Our Kids

“When we provide our children with time to unwind, we are fostering other important attributes to come out such as self-care, exploration, and creativity.”

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