Hasbro’s New Ms. Monopoly Game Is Dedicated to Female Trailblazers

Hasbro wants girls everywhere to be game changers.

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Hands On: NYC’s Best Maker Spaces

Glue guns, power tools, 3D printers, and more—here’s where the kids can design, build, and create!

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The Top 7 Tinkering Kits on the Market (They Don’t Disappoint!)

From working with electricity to dabbling in design, there’s no end to the fun when the only limit is your kid’s imagination.

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Maker Movement: Creative Apps and Kits for Young Inventors

Thanks to a cool crop of apps and kits, budding Edisons can bring to life even their most fanciful creations.

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CLIF Kid Backyard Games: The Perfect Way to Beat Summer Boredom

Are you tired of spending summer vacation pleading with your kids to turn off the television and computer games? Yet at the same time, you’ve also run through your list of outdoor activities. Luckily there’s a solution to the mid-summer…

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