7 Kid-Friendly Vegetables & Herbs to Grow at Home

“If you are ready to introduce more home-grown produce into your child’s meal plan, here are kid-friendly vegetables and herbs to get started with this spring!”

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Harvest Festivals You Don’t Want to Miss

From apple mania to an 1800s throwback, we have the best spots to get a taste for autumn.

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Dealing in Drama: After-School Acting Classes

Do you have a little thespian yearning for the excitement of the stage lights? There are a multitude of after-school acting classes that will help them get their big break.

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Ring in Spring! 4 High-Style Looks from Old Navy

Sure, our seasons don’t change much here in the Bay Area, but while trees sprouting new leaves may not call for a wardrobe overhaul, your little one sprouting up another few inches over the fall and winter months is the…

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Hassle-Free Holiday Shopping: 10 Drop-N-Shops for Seattle Kids

Call it a date night or call it much-needed shopping time. Kiddos will have a blast at these programs while you shop ’til you drop.

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