It may be difficult to imagine now, but not so long ago, parents used to share pics of their kids through the very analog process of physically giving printed photographs to loved ones. But, thanks to smartphone cameras, digital photography and an ever-growing array of photo apps, showing off the faces and antics of your adorable kids is now as simple as a few clicks and swipes on your mobile device. Browse through our album of some of the best apps that make sharing family photos easy, fun and secure.


Artsy parents and older kids will get a kick out of cameran, a popular photo-sharing app that’s all the rage across Asia, especially in Japan. Think Instagram for the J-Pop, super-kawaii set. The app lets users tweak images with more than 30 artistic filters to maximize the cuteness factor. The latest update of the app includes better integration with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and weibo, allowing for even easier photo sharing across other social channels.

Free for iOS and Android.

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—Kipp Jarecke-Cheng