It’s hard enough trying to get out the door in the morning when you’re a new mom, let alone put on a decent outfit. Which is why when you find an easy look that works, you should rock it—like this mom who accidentally put on a car seat cover as a skirt and still looked amazing!

Mom Lori Farrell made an interesting discovery when she realized the cute pencil skirt she wore to work was, in fact, a car seat cover. Blogger Mary Katherine Backstrom shared Farrell’s picture on Facebook with a side-by-side comparison of the car seat cover in question. “If you feel like a failure today, just know I wore a car seat cover that a friend gave me because I thought it was a skirt,” Farrell said.

It turns out that she wasn’t the only one to make this clever mistake. Another mom quickly chimed in, sharing her own picture wearing the exact same car seat cover as a skirt.

Many car seat covers are already marketed to perform double duty as nursing wraps, shopping cart covers and infinity scarves so why not add cute pencil skirt to the mix for the perfect mom hack. Anything that makes getting dressed easier is a win-win.

Looking to add this versatile fashion workhorse to your own wardrobe? Get the Itzy Ritzy Mom Boss 4in1 Nursing Cover on Amazon or here at Target around $25 each.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Tamara Bellis via Unsplash



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