Ever leave the playground wishing you’d written down a new friend’s number or fumbling to hastily type a fellow mama’s digits into your iPhone? There’s a cool new way to trade contact info, and it’s simpler than you’d think: mommy calling cards. Like normal business cards, you’ll want a design that says something cool about you and your kiddo—so we’ve rounded up 12 great mommy calling cards that you can buy or be inspired by.

If you’ve got two kids, this card is the perfect one for you. You can customize the portraits to look like your little ones (and it’ll be a friendly reminder to other parents), and add up to 4 lines of text.

Available from Olliegraphic for $14-18 for unlimited printable cards.

Were mommy calling cards a new idea to you? If not, share some of your favorite designs with us in the comments below!

—Christal Yuen and Susie Foresman