Ever leave the playground wishing you’d written down a new friend’s number or fumbling to hastily type a fellow mama’s digits into your iPhone? There’s a cool new way to trade contact info, and it’s simpler than you’d think: mommy calling cards. Like normal business cards, you’ll want a design that says something cool about you and your kiddo—so we’ve rounded up 12 great mommy calling cards that you can buy or be inspired by.

This is a calling card all moms are sure to appreciate. It includes a list of a mama’s many roles and hides the contact information underneath the flap. Anyone that hands us a calling card like this is automatically awesome in our book!

Available from Tinyprints for $0.74-1.49 each, depending upon how many cards you order.

Were mommy calling cards a new idea to you? If not, share some of your favorite designs with us in the comments below!

—Christal Yuen and Susie Foresman