Who ya gonna call…when you need an incredible costume? This mom who crocheted Halloween costumes for her kids, that’s who! Seriously, these costumes are total DIY #goals.

Crocheting probably invokes images of lacy doilies or fancy sweaters, but these amazing Halloween costumes are nothing like your grandma’s. Ohio mom Stephanie Pokorny has gone viral for the highly detailed costumes she’s made for her sons—using nothing but yarn and a crochet hook or two.

Pokorny has been crocheting since she was 16 and she’s got some mad skills to show for it. She shared the Halloween costumes she made for her two youngest sons, Jack, age 3, and Jacob, age 6, on Instagram recently. This year’s picks are Slimer from Ghostbusters and Predator.

She designs the intricate costumes entirely in her head and it usually takes her two weeks to complete them. “I make patterns and sell them, but I never have a pattern for the costumes. They’re all in my head,” she told Fox News.

Luckily all that hard work gets plenty of use beyond Halloween. “My kids love to dress up all year,” she said.

“We have a massive costume bin that never goes away. So, in summer, there may be a Predator and Slimer out playing in the yard—which is great. I want to encourage my sons to play and enjoy these costumes as much as they want.”

The question on all our minds is now, when will she start taking pre-orders for next Halloween?

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Rawpixel via Unsplash



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