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Playing dress-up with your kids is always fun, but this mom and daughter took pretend play to a whole new level with their Disney-inspired costumes that look like they are ballroom-ready.

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🎼See the line where the sky meets the sea, it calls me! 🏝🌋🐔🐋🐊🌈 Layla has been asking all summer "When are we to going to do Moana?" And tonight we finally got to do it! Moana is Layla's favourite princess right now and I think she's mine as well. I cried through the whole movie when I saw it last November and as soon as we got to Disneyland that's all I wanted to do-meet Moana! A huge thank you to my friend Sarah who brought back this costume from the Disney store in Vegas for me! After about $25 in upgrades we have another budget princess :) Layla is wearing "Lindsay" in deep brown by @ardawigscanada! (Fun fact! My Mother Gothel wig doubles as a fantastic Moana wig!) #moana #moanacosplay #moanamovie #disneyprincess #disneyprincesscosplay #disneycosplay #heihei #mauicosplay

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Camilla Courts is a professional photographer and mom to her seven-year-old daughter Layla. She’s also totally awesome at dress-up. She has been wowing the internet with her magical Instagram account, disneyinspiredphoto, that features beautiful photographs of both Layla and Camilla dressed up as their favorite Disney characters. From flowing gowns to make-up and hair, each look is complete and totally authentic, posed against the perfect backdrops, like a dark forest for Snow White or Cinderella’s castle at Disneyland itself.

Camilla started the account three years ago with a snapshot of Layla wearing a costume from the theme parks and it quickly grew into a fun mom and daughter bonding activity from there. Initially it was just Layla playing dress-up, but around Halloween time one year, Camilla decided to get in on the fun and pose with her as the Evil Queen to Snow White. Since then, she’s been striking her own amazing poses in different villain costumes to match her daughter’s princess looks.

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