The pandemic and stay at home orders made it difficult for parents to share moments and milestones with loved ones. Canon has come up with a way to capture and share these which is free and easy using something you may already have on your shelf. Canon released a software to turn existing Canon cameras into a webcam that streams and records at the same time in broadcast quality.

Canon webcam

In early April Canon was quick to address the sold out webcam issue by thinking beyond that which their cameras are traditionally capable of answering the needs of many with a free software that turns Canon cameras into webcams. Canon was first to market with their competitors following months later and has more than 700,000 downloads to date.

Last week Canon released their full version software which is now:

  • Compatible with 42 Canon camera models
  • Works with 13 of the top video conferencing applications including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Facebook Live, Slack, YouTube Live and more
  • Stream and save these precious moments at the same time with the ability to record while using the software

The software works with Windows 10 (full version) and Beta available for iOS users.

Using a Canon camera as your webcam upgrades your video experience delivering broadcast quality pictures (a leap beyond the webcams built into most laptops) which is more and more important these days as we turn to video for learning, job interviews, work conference calls, seeing family, capturing milestone moments like virtual birthdays, gender reveals and more.

—Jennifer Swartvagher

Featured photo: Canon


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