Whether you need groceries, wrapping paper or an entire holiday makeover, you will inevitably run into Target or another store like it in the next few weeks and face the challenge of making it past the toy aisles unscathed. Luckily there’s a simple hack to get your kids to put those toys back on the shelf and leave with smiles on your faces.

All you have to do to avoid the “I want a toy!” tantrum is simply take a picture. Mom Kristina Watts recently went viral after she shared a post on Facebook over her miraculous discovery of this awesome parenting. As Watts explains in her post, when her daughter spots a toy she wants when they are out shopping she tells her daughter she’ll take a picture and send it to Santa so that he knows what she wants.

Other than the photo roll full of toy pictures, this hack makes shopping with kids a breeze. As plenty of parents chimed in on her post, it’s an easy hack that works all year round. Between Christmas and birthdays, there’s always a reason to keep a wishlist going. One of our editors does the same thing with her own kids and it works like a charm.

The best part is, 99 percent of the time they’ll forget all about it. Those few times that they actually recall what they liked, it makes it easy for parents to remember when it comes time to shop for gifts or when relatives ask what they want.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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