With back-to-school season in full swing, that means it’s time to get rid of those ragged used notebooks, half-pencils and crayon stubs that have been hanging out in your kiddo’s backpack all summer long. And if you’re wondering what do with your kid’s dried-out markers—because you probably have upwards of a gazillion of them—check out this amazingly eco-friendly idea.

When mom Hali McCloud posted on Facebook a way to get rid of old markers without adding to the world’s landfills, she got plenty of attention. Instead of trashing the used artsy items, she suggested recycling them through Crayola’s ColorCycle program.

This genius program provides schools, teachers and students with a way to give back and do something good for the planet. McCloud writes, on her FB page, “15 pounds of dead markers that will not end up in Maui’s landfill or ocean.” Along with the pic of her kiddo’s preschool’s used marker collection, she added, “These markers were collected in just 3 months at my son’s preschool! Imagine what we could divert from landfills during the whole school year at every school!”

So how does the ColorCycle program work? To start the program, you’ll need to get your child’s school on board. That means talking to the teachers, administration or the parent-teacher organization. next, set up a collection box at the school.

When the collection time is over, pack them up in a cardboard box, print out the pre-paid FedEx Ground label that Crayola will supply and ship them back to their home for recycling. And yes, it’s that easy!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: wikimediaimages via Pixabay


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