photo: Pexels

How much do you spend on Christmas dinner? Hey, it’s not a cheap meal to make. It’s not like you’re ordering a pizza and serving it with a side of tap water. The holiday meal is a pricey one to make. And some mamas need some help. At least one does. British “mum” Gemma Andrews admitted, when she appeared on the UK’s This Morning, that she charges her family members for Christmas dinner.

So how much does a seat at Andrews’ table cost? Family members may pay the equivalent of $40 US dollars a person. That’s up significantly from the $13 that she used to charge. Of course, there’s inflation to take into consideration. After all, the mom has been cooking (and charging) for the past decade.

Along with inflation, Andrews noted, “The alcohol content has gone up as more children become adults.” She also said, “And there are more people who have had children.” As the family expands, Andrews has more work to do in the kitchen. And that translates into higher prices — for everyone in the family.

Obviously, not everyone understands why someone would charge their loved ones for something as special as Christmas dinner. Angry, annoyed and irate individuals took to social media, bashing Andrews and her meal-charging ways. But that won’t stop her. The mum is quick to let the world know that her family members don’t have a problem with paying for Christmas dinner. So why should anyone else?

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