Getting kids to make healthy choices isn’t always easy, but one mom’s simple snack hack to get kids to eat healthy has gone viral and you’re going to want to try it.

Mom and teacher Sarah Hornung recently shared her clever mom hack to Instagram with an image of her fridge stocked with containers full of healthy snacks. The post has since gone viral with thousands of likes and shares and it’s not hard to see why everyone thinks it’s so smart.

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Sunday self-serve is ready for the week. 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 After grocery shopping I always wash and prep all of the food that is considered self-serve in our house. Self-serve for my kiddos means help yourself without asking and it’s always an okay snack (any time of day, bedtime snacks, etc.) It also helps me when I’m packing lunches and snacks, or as a side dish when dinner doesn’t include something they will definitely eat or if we have a busy/late night. There’s something about having things truly ready to grab that makes kids eat it. I could leave the baby carrots in a bag or leave the grapes on the stems but they wouldn’t eat it. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️You can see more of my Sunday meal prep routines in my highlights under Meal Prep 🍎🥒 <PS- For the fruits and veggies I do put covers on the containers so they don’t get gross. #healthykidsfood #healthyfood #healthykids #bentobox #mealprepsunday #mealprep #aldifinds #teachermom #lunchbox #lunchboxideas #sarahhornung

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As Hornung explains in her post, each week she stocks these Dollar Store containers with healthy snacks, like fruits, vegetables, string cheese, yogurt and more. This makes grabbing a healthy snack incredibly easy. The thing that’s often difficult about eating healthy is that it can require prep, like peeling and cutting fruits and vegetables. This simple hack makes it easy to just grab and go.

“Everyone can relate to throwing out untouched produce at the end of the week and most parents find themselves in some kind of negotiation with kids over food on the regular,” Hornung told Good Morning America. “I have seen a lot of pictures of fridges and pantries on Instagram and Pinterest that are picture-perfect and filled with expensive, specialty items. I think my post appealed to the masses because it looks like most people’s fridges — just organized into containers I bought at a dollar store. I think it’s something that regardless of how old your kids are, what they like to eat or how much money you make, it is a doable idea,” she continued.

The other benefit of this clever snack hack is that it helps foster independence in kids. Having healthy snacks in easy-to-access containers makes it much easier for kids to hit the fridge on their own and make healthy choices without having to ask parents for help. Now that’s a win-win.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

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