This mama made a major blunder—and it went majorly viral when she posted it on Facebook.

Mary Katherine Backstrom was in line at her local Wawa when she decided to get into the holiday spirit and do something good for someone else. She recently shared her story on her Facebook page and the hilarious story is bound to bring you to tears––happy tears, of course.

Backstrom looked behind her and saw that the next person in line was only buying a ginger ale. Even though she admits she isn’t one of those people who go around buying pricey Starbucks drinks for others, a ginger ale wasn’t out of the realm of possibility. After paying it forward, Backstrom left the Wawa and saw what she thought was a Christmas miracle—a man was washing the windshield of her car.

Through laugh–til-you-cry giggles, Backstrom details what came next. After thanking the man for his good deed, she gave him a hug. That’s when she realized something wasn’t right. As it turns out, he wasn’t washing her car, he was washing his own!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: iStock



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