Moms are constantly adapting: from a board meeting to a PTA meeting, lunch-boxes to power lunches. And because of their naturally creative genius and ability to problem solve (master stain removal + soothing a 4-year-old’s existential crisis = a typical 5 minutes), it means they are ideal entrepreneurs. Click through the gallery below to meet the following fearless moms and their cool inventions, like a stylish packable backpack, nostalgic kid’s clothes that are totally modern and the latest amazing thing Ayesha Curry is doing to get kids involved in mealtime.

The Working Parent’s Bestie: NextDesk

Just months after co-founder of NextDesk, Jamie Fertsch, left her stable job in wealth management to launch NextDesk, she discovered she was pregnant, with twins. So Jamie called on her support system of family and friends to help her keep her company growing while juggling motherhood. It’s worked! In its second year, NextDesk experienced an incredible 600% growth in demand for its motorized standing desks! This year, NextDesk launched the NextDesk Flex, a smaller, adjustable desk (which goes from sitting to standing) with a footprint small enough to make room for your life. If you don’t have a dedicated office space, or you need a place for the kiddos to do homework where you can work too, this is a perfect solution.


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‚—Amber Guetebier