If there’s one thing moms are passionate about, it’s the health of their kids. From chemical-free products and platforms that promote health and wellness, there are tons of mompreneurs who are changing the industry for the better. Keep scrolling to see the best of the best mom invented products that promote a healthy lifestyle.

photo: MIG Living

True Beauty: MIG Living

Jaime Cross worked in corporate banking for years but left to be home with her newborn son. Two years later, she couldn't staunch the desire to build an empire that had a worldwide impact and was powered by purpose. In response, she founded and launched MIG Living, a True Beauty movement focused on restorative products, health and wellness. In addition to her best-selling ritual cleansing bars, MIG Living sells oils, lotions bars, balms and even men's products.

Online: migliving.com

photo: Maty's

Natural Health Promoting Products: Maty's

Carolyn Harrington was thrilled to welcome her first baby girl into the family after having two boys. But when they discovered Maty was born with major heart defects and Harrington was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, she knew there had to be better options than modern medicine. So, she began researching natural ways of healing and found a new passion. She created Maty’s natural and organic whole food health alternatives in her own kitchen after researching natural and alternative health. She relied on old-time remedies and used ingredients from her own kitchen, turning them into health promoting agents. Now she sells complete lines of products for babies, kids and adults everywhere!

Online: matyshealthyproducts.com

photo: Mighty Bright

Empowering Kids: Mighty + Bright

When Northern California mom Sara Olsher went through a divorce, she felt like she was grasping at straws to help her daughter understand her new life and routine. With her background in psychology and illustration, Sara was set out to create a visual tool to help her kiddo adjust to the new home and new schedule. Her first product was an interactive magnetic calendar with custom magnets for the whole family and their activities, including the custody schedule, which allows families to easily explain their complicated schedules to little ones and helps reduce children’s anxiety. Once Sara realized how many other families could benefit from what she'd created, she launched Mighty + Bright, a company that seeks to empower families as they cope with divorce. There are now three versions of The Co-Parenting Calendar (daily, weekly and monthly) as well as a Routine Chart. Magnet and Chart sets start at $27.

Online: mightyandbright

photo: Risewell

The Safest Oral Care Products: RiseWell

Kori Estrada was on a mission to eliminate scary chemicals found in everyday products like toothpaste from her home. When she had a hard time finding a natural replacement for her oral care products that she actually enjoyed and that worked, she and her husband, John Estrada, along with her brother, Dr. Derek Gatta DMD MS FACP started formulating oral care products backed by science and that were safe enough to eat. With main ingredient, hydroxyapatite, a natural mineral that makes up 90% of tooth enamel, RiseWell was on its way. Launched in May 2019, the company is now bringing to market "the safest and most effective oral care products." 

Online: risewell.com

photo: Sleepenvie

Sweet Dreams: Sleepenvie

Joy Elena's family has been in the mattress business for over 50 years. Taking her knowledge in the mattress industry, IT, marketing and PR she took a leap and created her own bed in a box brand, after giving up a prior venture doing the same thing back in 2003. The mom of two now runs Sleepenvie, a company that offers high-density foam mattresses with optimal structural support, which means mattress reliability and longevity. The end result is an amazing and comfortable mattress that lasts.

Online: sleepenvie.com

photo: Proven Repellent

Keep the Bugs Away: Proven Insect Repellent

After having her first child, Carolyn Ellspermann became very conscious of the products and ingredients she used on her family. She shifted to using more organic, natural and clean products, but ended up avoiding bug spray all together because of the harsh aerosol chemicals. Natural products didn't bring the confidence that they were actually providing enough protection, especially when it came to Zika, West Nile and Lyme disease. In 2016, Ellspermann started to work on a new kind of insect repellent that was both safe and extremely effective at repelling disease-carrying insects, and Proven Insect Repellent was born. The safe products use Picardin as long-lasting and non-hazardous bug repellent that gives parents peace of mind and pesky bugs away from kids.

Online: provenrepellent.com

photo: Bodily

Online Destination For All Things Postpartum: Bodily

After having her first child, Tovah Haim was startled to find the lack of information, poor products and the "taboo" nature surrounding birth and recovery. In response, she launched Bodily, a modern approach that supports women, partners and anyone else with resources, products and research to navigate the postpartum period. Currently, Bodily's shop carries Birth Boxes, breastfeeding supplies, belly support and mesh undies.

Online: itsbodily.com

photo: Girlpalooza

Kid-Friendly Beauty Products: Girlpalooza

Becky and six-year-old daughter Lola Vandenbroek founded Girlpalooza as a safe way to play "dress up" with bath and beauty products. The two set out to create products free from harmful ingredients like parabens, mineral oils and talc. In addition, Girlpalooza products are vegan, come with empowering scents and messaging and a portion of each sale go towards charities that support young girls.

Online: girlpalooza.com

photo: Momeez Choice

Worry-Free Throat-Soothing Pops: Lolleez

Two years ago, when mom of four and health coach Melissa Evans’ daughter came down with a sore throat, Melissa wished there was something she could provide to soothe her kiddo. That’s when she noticed there were no options that she felt comfortable with. Cough drops and lozenges posed a risk for choking and, for the most part, contained chemicals like artificial colors, flavors and ingredients. She then came up with the idea for a worry-free, healthier, effective and fun alternative for kids. Lolleez are available at Target, CVS, Stop & Shop, Kroger and on Amazon! Lolleez come in packs of 15 pops: Watermelon, Strawberry, Orange Mango and a Variety Pack for a suggested retail price of $6.99. 

Online: momeezchoice.com

photo: Jennifer Holland

The Aha Moment: Throat Scope

Jennifer Holland had her “aha!” moment at the doctor’s office with her young son. It led her to create Throat Scope—the world's first illuminated tongue depressor that lights up the entire throat and mouth. Her invention is not only popular, in 2017 it won silver at the Edison Awards in New York for her innovation. This mama always dreamed of inventing something that would make the world a better place and she’s achieved that goal: she’s on a mission to educate families on how to recognize the signs of oral cancer or detect a sore throat, strep throat, thrush, inflamed gums and tooth pain. The stay-at-home mom’s innovative product is now available in 140 countries.

Online: throatscope.com

photo: Ritual

In Health We Trust: Ritual Supplements

Kat Schneider wanted to do the right thing for her health and her baby, so when she found out she was pregnant she started taking prenatal vitamins. That’s when she noticed that many supplements had questionable ingredients, and worse, the ones she was taking didn’t even list the ingredients. So she decided to found Ritual: subscription-based supplements delivered directly to your door, each month. They are all non-GMO,  vegan, gluten and soy free and all are designed exclusively for women, with clear ingredients lists so you always know what you are putting in your body.

Online: ritual.com


—Kate Loweth, Amber Guetebier, Erin Lem and Karly Wood

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