You remember mom jeans, right? The high waist. The long zipper. The bubble butt. Maybe even a front pleat or two … just for flair. If you don’t, this SNL video should jog your memory.

Oh, yeah — those. You might want to sit down before we tell you this, but they’re back in style. In fact, Topshop and Urban Outfitters have sections devoted to mom jeans in their online shops.


photo: screenshot from Top Shop store

The cuffs are kind of cute, right? Hey, don’t forget mom jeans used to be cool. These Levis 505s were “fashion classics.” Perfect for that PTA meeting … or watching migrating birds.


photo: Found in Mom’s Basement

Dads got in on the action, too. This guy from a 1990 JC Penney ad is winning in his double denim look.


photo: Buzzfeed

Even Presidents wear mom jeans. That’s right — he caught flak for this getup. Don’t worry, Natasha and Malia, he was just a few years ahead of the curve.


photo: Nick Verreos

Seriously. Mom jeans are making a comeback. They were even in a Who What Wear 2014 spring fashion preview.


photo: We Wore That via Who What Wear

Gwennie knows it.


photo: E! Online

Jessica knew it, too. Well, m’kay … you be the judge.


photo: Fashion Lady

Here a look we can buy into — today’s mainstream mom jeans. See? Anyone can wear them. Now, if only they had some pleats …


photo: Urban Outfitters

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— Erin Lem & Kelly Aiglon