Boys have a reputation of being rugged and wild. We’ve even coined the saying “boys will be boys” to (somewhat) justify this behavior. But mom blogger Abbey, of The Son and the Moon, says her son is both. She posted a video to Facebook of her cuddly son to remind folks that boys can be sweet, too.

Photo & Video: The Son And The Moon via Facebook

“Boys have such a reputation for being a bit rough and tumble – mine certainly is! But there is also an incredibly gentle, affectionate side to them too (especially towards mummy). Here are a few clips I captured over the last few days of me and my (almost) two-year-old boy. Is there anything better in this world than snuggles with these little beings?! ‪#‎BoyLove‬,” says Abbey.

Is your boy(s) sweet and snuggly, rough and tumble, or a mix of both? Let us know in the comments below!