What’s in your child’s backpack? Books? Pencils? Crayons? Maybe even a love note from a grade-school crush (or do they just text and SnapChat that kind of stuff now?). Well, one mom was kind of surprised to find out what the school found in her son’s backpack. Okay, so “kind of” is a bit of an understatement here. Check out what Ladye Hobson’s son stashed in his backpack last year!

Hobson posted about this…umm, interesting incident, on her Facebook page. She starts the post out by writing, “When the principal calls you to tell you that your son has made her day, so you get excited for the good news.” She goes on to add, “Only to find out that the faculty has discovered a dead squirrel in his backpack.”

Yes, a dead squirrel. And we know — eww. Why did the little boy tote around a dead squirrel? Obviously, as a snack. Again, eww. Actually, the boy told the principal that he, “really wanted squirrel dumplings for dinner tonight.”

The principal even included a photo of the port little squirrel for the mama to see. Before you go thinking that this is some sort of animal injury-inflicting child, the boy didn’t kill the squirrel. He found it and just thought keeping it would be a good idea.

What strange item has your child put in his or her backpack and taken to school? Share your story in the comments below.