photo: MultiMac

If you’re familiar with the great minivan dilemma that comes along with having multiple kids, then you might be interested to see the amazing and totally stylish solution one mom recently shared, no sliding door or third row required.

Let’s face it, when you have more than two car seats, there aren’t a lot of vehicle options that don’t make your ride feel like a clown car. Model and mama, Danielle Lloyd recently shared a picture of her customized four-seater car seat on Instagram. The revolutionary seat is made my MultiMac. Rather than inserting separate, bulky car seats, the multi-child seat is one long row of connected seats that secures by tethers to the backseat of your car.

The MultiMac can securely and comfortably seat 3-4 kids in one row and tt can accommodate little passengers from birth to 12 years old. The company makes six different sizes, so that it will fit in just about any vehicle manufactured and it has a rear-facing option. You can also select from different headrests depending on your child’s age and other add-ons, like different restraint belts and cushions.

photo: MultiMac

There’s just one catch: it’s not currently for sale in the US. The seats, which were tested in Sweden and manufactured in the UK, are made to European safety standards. However, the company is currently undergoing testing to comply with US and Canadian standards and hopes to be available for purchase soon.

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