When a daycare teacher told mom Jessica Rold that her baby daughter wasn’t dressing “girly” enough, she politely listened to and eventually acknowledged their request. Oh, but that doesn’t mean she decked her little girl out in frilly pink socks, a glittery tutu or rosy bows. Nope. She did something even more awesome.

Rold wasn’t exactly trying to make a major statement about gender constructs by dressing her daughter in blues instead of pinks. Her husband Steve told Babble, “We never bothered to find out the genders of our children ahead of time, so most of what my daughter wears at the moment are hand-me-downs we bought before we knew our son was even going to be a boy.”

So what did Rold do when the suggestion was made to change the way that she dressed her daughter? She took it in stride and poured on the humor. Steve Rold posted a pic of his daughter on Reddit, showing the world how his hilariously genius wife responded to the daycare teacher’s request. Jessica put a bow on her daughter. But not the kind you’d expect.

Instead of wrapping the little girl’s head in pink satin, she drew a bow onto a Post-It note and placed it on her daughter’s forehead. Adorable! And technically, she did do what they asked.

Point: Mom. Your move, daycare.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Brooke Cagle via Unsplash



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