Raise your hand if you wear yoga pants to Trader Joe’s. We bet there are plenty of hands in the air right now. One mama recently revealed her TJ’s yoga pant-induced struggle on Reddit, and this story may just make you think twice about gearing up in athleisure-wear when you go grocery shopping.

Several months ago Reddit user u/LadyCatFeline swore off wearing yoga pants. Well, at least for non-exercise types of activities anyway. But after a laundry-less stretch, she had to pull the body-hugging, pocket-free pants out of storage. And that’s where the story gets so bad, it’s good.

Photo: Rawpixel via Pexels 

Instead of stashing her car keys, phone and everything else in her pants pockets, this mama had to drop them into one of her Trader Joe’s shopping bags. Remember, the yoga pants left her without pockets. As she left the store, a Trader Joe’s employee trailed after her and asked if she needed help. With a baby and a toddler, she jumped on the assistance awesomeness.

After the TJ’s employee loaded up her car, the pocket-less mama realized something was wrong: “The car keys were in the shopping bag which is in the closed trunk. So we’re locked out of the car.”

What happened next is kind of a pre-Christmas miracle. The TJ’s employee called AAA, brought the family bottled water and offered snacks for the kiddos while they waited.

Now that’s customer service!

—Erica Loop



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