It seems that in general moms and dads have very different ways of parenting. Neither is right or wrong. per say. Just different. Check these funnies out and decide for yourself.


At least daddy has all of the kids in eyesight. This one was close but momma wins here.


Bologna … win for team dad!


My kids would NEVER share their milkshake with me. And who hasn’t licked ketchup off of their baby a time or two?


The daddy image is typically how I work too. The point here is the mommy image is darn near impossible. Daddy wins. However you can get it done is good!


How can you call a winner here?  Mommy has the darling with all the right jazz and daddy gets points for perfection and immobility.


As a mom of twin toddlers I have to go with the dad version here, because that is how I shop most days. It’s amazing how much stuff an umbrella stroller can actually hold!


You both lose. One is painfully boring and the other is probably not the brightest idea.


Mom for the win. Merely based on safety and brain scrambling we have to side here with mommy’s moves.


Both have the kids strapped in so this is a hard call to make. I think this one is a draw as well.