Let’s face it. We can’t ALWAYS be the perfect parent; and it’s okay! Bunmi Laditan, author of Toddlers Are Assholes; It’s Not Your Fault and mother of three, took to Facebook to remind us in a sarcastic (yet hilarious) post the reality of parenting.

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Her caption reads “Dinner is served! The chicken nuggets are organic, free-range, rescue chickens who communicated to me in chicken language that they wanted to die to nourish my children. I coated them in gluten-free almond meal and probiotics before baking them on a tray lightly sprayed with coconut oil and colostrum.

Those aren’t fries, they are rutabaga spears from my garden lightly fried in peanut oil from my peanut grove. The box was a craft I did with my children this afternoon while I was being mindful with them in our television-free living room.

Those aren’t grease stains on the box, they are tears of joy from my toddler. He’s so thankful for every meal. Just now he said (tearfully), “Mama, thank you for giving me life during my homebirth and this delicious, homemade dinner. I love you, goddess.” Feel free to pin. #blessed #gratitude #family #homelife#justaregulartuesday

Many parents are applauding Bunmi on her quirky post. What do you think?

When it comes to parenting, what are your guilty pleasures? Tell us in the comments below!


— Noelle Buckband