Bright Horizons has just released the 2018 Modern Family Index and it shares some staggering information on employees views of moms in the workforce. The report uses data from working Americans and discusses the “motherhood penalty” in which working moms are often overlooked for career-advancing opportunities.

Not only are moms missing out on leadership roles that help them reach their full potential, but the report also found that businesses lack those very same characteristics that moms bring to the table. Just in time for Mother’s Day, the Modern Family Index is seeking to shed light on the simple thing moms need the most––recognition and opportunity.

photo: Rawpixel via Pexels

What do women think of themselves as workplace leaders? According to Bright Horizon’s stats, a whopping 82 percent of working moms say there are barriers to leadership. Beyond that, 78 percent think they need to go above and beyond to prove themselves as leaders (in comparison to non-moms).

Even though the working mom’s view of their own route to leadership isn’t exactly positive, 89 percent of workers believe working mom leaders can bring out the best in their employees—with 65 percent feeling moms are better listeners, 51 percent saying moms are calmer in a crisis and 47 percent reporting that moms are more diplomatic. Now those are some stellar qualities that everyone needs to appreciate—especially on Mother’s Day!

So even though the macaroni necklaces, finger paintings, and “artful” clay coffee mugs are absolutely adorable, you wouldn’t say no to some serious appreciation for everything you do. And neither would we!

—Erica Loop



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