When your fussy eaters get excited about a new food, you don’t ask questions. You just cook it, serve it and cross your fingers that you might actually add something new to your short repertoire of dishes. After serving her daughters “adult” pasta, however, one mom learned the difficult, but utterly hilarious lesson of always reading labels closely.

Mom of two, Rebecca Brett, took to Facebook to share her recent mealtime fail. As she explains in a post that has since garnered thousands of likes and shares, she was shopping with her two daughters, when the oldest, Ava, begged her for some “smiley face” pasta that she spotted. So she bought and cooked it for lunch only to discover that those weren’t smiley faces. “Thought it looked a bit odd, re-looked at the bag and IT’S ONLY BLOODY PENIS PASTA.”

The pictures that accompany the story are of her two adorable daughters smiling and happily eating said pasta. “How could I not even realise even while cooking it?!,” she wrote. “So my 3 year old and 7 month old are currently sat eating a bowl of dicks for their lunch. Life.”

Brett might not win “Mum of the Year” as she notes, but her post certainly takes the prize for most epic food fail, giving all moms a much needed laugh.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Bruce Tuten via Flickr


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