Working moms juggle a lot to keep it all together, but sometimes the stars don’t align and they have to bring their kids to work. This past year, we’ve been inspired by hard-working mamas who took their challenges in stride and encouraged us all to do what we do best––be the best moms we can be!

Keep reading to see some amazing career ladies who make parenting and working look easy.

photo: Bill Stafford via NASA

To Infinity & Beyond

Anne C. McClain is no ordinary mom (if there ever was one), she's a a decorated US Army Major, an attack helicopter pilot, an aerospace engineer and a member of the 21st astronaut class at NASA. Like any working mom, she loves her job but hates leaving her son on missions. For her official NASA portrait super mom brought her four-year-old to work and we're dying of the cuteness!

Dinner for Two

When Kori Dotson got the call from her part-time job that they needed help, she said she'd be in right away, with one caveat––her two-year-old son had to come, too. When a diner caught sight of the mad skills performed by Dotson, all with her toddler strapped to her back, her photo went viral. Dotson says this wasn't a first for her son, who actually enjoys cleaning up the stock room and "taking customer orders." 

A Model Mama

Sports Illustrated model Mara Martin made headlines back in July when she pulled double duty: strutting the catwalk while breastfeeding her five-month-old baby. The model not only turned heads because of her ultimate multi-tasking skills, but because she was participating in Sports Illustrated Swim Search, where women of all shapes, sizes and colors were highlighted.

Sunny With a Chance of Baby

Utah meteorologist Susie Martin celebrated National Babywearing Week back in October by wearing her son on her weather segment. While Martin's segment somehow lulled her son to sleep, viewers everywhere couldn't take their eyes off the super mom, who's clip ended up going viral.

Making the Senate Cute, Since 2018

A new ruling now allows Senate members like Tammy Duckworth to bring babies to the Senate floor. Ever the advocate for working parents, Duckworth tweeted that the new “rule change may only apply to the Senate, but I hope it can serve as a message that working families across America deserve family-friendly workplace policies.” 

From Model U.N. to Model Mom

New Zealand Premier Jacinda Ardern made history this year when she became the first female national head to bring her baby to the U.N. Three-month-old daughter Neve not only got to sit with dad in the front row while mom gave a speech, but she go her own U.N. ID card, too!

––Karly Wood



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