There are plenty of reasons to be proud of your body, but sometimes the idea of what you’re “supposed” to look like gets in the way. It’s time to take a cue from moms who believe in themselves—wrinkles, rolls and all. From an entrepreneur who’s not afraid to snap a makeup-free pic to a woman who has taken the body positive movement to a new level, meet 10 moms who slay critics all day with their honest, empowering social media feeds.

I'm a nervous wreck you guys. Nervous. Wreck.

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1. @mrsrachelhollis
Rachel Hollis, owner and creative director of The Chic Site, is a mom of four who isn’t afraid to sport a bikini—stretch marks and all—snap a makeup-free picture, or down a donut or two before the Oscars. She fills her Instagram feed with healthy, glowing images of herself and her adorable family, check them out and follow her here.



2. @poosekat
This Bay Area momma snaps shots of great, healthy plates that’ll make you crave veggies and her positive mind frame and mantras will totally inspire. But, the best part of having her on your feed? The balance between family life, food and fitness she seems to manage with ease. Follow her on Instagram and watch her conquer life with a toddler in tow.



3. @dahs
Haddas Ancliffe, an Australian mom, and blogger, caused a viral sensation when she posted a breastfeeding picture during a wedding. Praised as a warrior in the fight to normalize breastfeeding, Ancliffe continues to wow with honest images of her young family. Whether it’s an intimate snap of her brand-new infant nestled into her post-natal tummy or a picture of her wandering the beach with her toddler, this mama will inspire you to keep it real. Follow her on Instagram by clicking here.



4. @veganbynature_
Like most moms, Stephanie Sunshine tried to do everything by herself—all at once. But, at the age of 28, after witnessing one of her friends battle breast cancer (and after dealing with her own ovarian cancer scare) she decided to embark on a journey of self-love through yoga and plant-based foods. It became such a passion that she quit the corporate life and started a holistic health coaching business and brand, Vegan by Nature. One of her favorite quotes is “eat like you love yourself,” and her IG feed is filled with inspiring images of fresh, healthy eats, impressive yoga positions and gorgeous shots of a glowing, happy mama. Get inspired by clicking here.



5. @bodyimagemovement
Taryn Brumfitt was dealing with crippling post-natal body image issues and was even considering plastic surgery when she realized it wasn’t her body that needed changing, but rather, her attitude towards it. She’s the founder of the Body Image Movement and a co-founder of The Unstoppable Project. From leaps of joy in front of Paramount Studios to honest videos when she’s dealing with a cold, Taryn isn’t afraid to keep it real. Follow Taryn on Instagram and watch her travel the globe on a mission to change the idea of what beautiful means.



6. @bodyimagebuilder
Jennie Carlson is one fierce mama. Whether she’s holding an impressive yoga stance, offering up words of wisdom for her followers, or improving on her essential oil treatments, Jennie proves that strong and beautiful comes in all shapes, sizes, and hair colors. Once you get a peek of her impressive aerial yoga workouts, you’ll be hooked. Follow Jennie by clicking here.



7. @themumontherun
Laura Mazza is honest about motherhood and all the things that come with the title. She’s the one to tell you how hard pregnancy is, and exactly what will happen to your body (no, it’s not all glow). Whether she’s sending a shout out to the frazzled mum at the pharmacy, or if she’s posting real-life photos of her body, she’s a constant inspiration. Go ahead, like her Facebook page and get ready to have one fierce mama in your corner.



Just do you babes! Xoxo Allie

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8. @allisonkimmey
If her infectious smile doesn’t grab you, her stylish duds and bare-all bikini pics will. Allison is a mom, a plus-size model, and an entrepreneur who started her own journey as a personal journey to become the best version of herself, leave the negative self talk behind her, and step into a powerful mother role for her daughter. Even though it took her over two years of failing foward, she now has the strength and confidence to use her body as a vehicle to show up every day and provide a glimpse into body diversity. Click here to check out her IG feed and, as Allison says, “Just Do You!”



9. @estiloasybellas
Yomayra Castillo is a fashion blogger and mom who exudes confidence: She is thriving in her own acceptance and love. Her frequent travels to beautiful beaches, stylish clothing that appeals to all shapes and sizes, and an overall zest for life will have you scrolling through her feed eager for more. Check her out and follow by clicking here.



10. @jennpowellfit
Jenn Powell started her body positive journey in 2012. After losing 50 pounds, this busy mom lives a healthy, active life as a athlete, fitness coach, model and gym owner. She has a strong-felt obligation to built other women up, she understands struggle and success, and she has experienced failure and victory. Now, she uses those experiences to relate to the women and girls in her life. Scroll through her feed for action shots, yummy meal plans, inspiring memes and her adorable kids: If those images don’t capture you, her seriously buff biceps will. Follow Jenn on Instagram.

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—Gabby Cullen