Last year, we took an epic road trip across America with our three girls.  The van will never smell the same.  But, it’s the beginning of many journeys to come.  Therefore, I must be frugal about our ‘adventures’ within our adventure. ​ For last year’s trip, we purchased passes for unlimited visits to every Six Flags in the country.  For the most part, we were able to rely on that for our entertainment.  However, we still wanted to visit and enjoy the amazing sites between parks.  Here are sources to save money on activities when you travel:

Check out visitor centers.  They often have coupons and great tips for places to visit because the folks that work there, live there.  Maps are generally free so it’s a great way to plan hikes and site-seeing as well.

Research coupon sites such as Living SocialGrouponGrouponGetaways,and Travelzoo.   They all have phone apps that locate where you are and immediate deals for that area.

Consider AAA or other clubs that offer travel discounts. If you go with AAA, check deals on coupon sites such as before you pay full price for a membership.

Check out zoos and other sites that offer reciprocal entrances.  We recently renewed our family membership at Friends of the WNC in Asheville that gives us free or discounted access to zoos, aquariums and museums across the country.

Go online to the Chamber of Commerce for the city that you are visiting.  There will often be a calendar of events and you may find links for coupons.

National and State Parks rock and often have passes so that you don’t have to pay entrance fees to every place you visit.  Go for a Federal pass or Google state parks that you may be visiting.  Another awesome program for the kids is the Federal Park Passport Program.  Although I love to be frugal, I have no qualms about spending an extra buck when I know it supports a government sponsored park. ​


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