Tabletop game lovers are in for a treat as two of the classics collide! Monopoly Dungeons & Dragons just launched and it’s a new way to play for D&D fans. It features artwork from the popular universe as well as 22 of the infamous monsters as property spaces.

The premise? Traveler and storyteller Volothamp Geddarm is seeking explorers to capture creatures of Forgotten Realms for research purposes. At the same time, you’ll try to accumulate the most riches to come out on top. Look for the Bugbear, Demogorgon, Beholder and many more and try not to be enchanted by the fiery battle at the board’s center.

A few other swaps keep the game on theme: Treasure and Encounter cards replace Chance and Community chest piles. Expeditions and Bases take the place of the houses and hotels. And if you’re looking for railroad spaces, you’ll instead find the Tomb of Horror, Castle Ravenloft and more. Otherwise the Monopoly gameplay holds true, as you accumulate properties for currency and bankrupt your foes.

Designed for family play, Monopoly Dungeons & Dragons is ideal for two to six players ages eight and up. You can buy it now at your local game store for $39.99 or online. Good luck to Dungeon Masters everywhere as a new adventure begins!

—Sarah Shebek

Images courtesy of The OP Games



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