There’s no hiding the fact that you have a kiddo who is obsessed with all things monsters, creatures, things that growl and go bump in the night – the rest of us can tell by that huge, enthusiastic RAWR that he yells a million and one times throughout the day! But, good old classic monster gear is hard to find in a world that has been taken over by the commercialized monsters of kids’ movies and television shows (ahem, we’re looking at you, Elmo). And while those monsters are oh so cute, these products have also caught our eye for your little monster lover.

Zomsters Art Blocks

The Zomster monsters are cool, they’re funky and best of all, they’re green! All of the Zomsters products are made from Earth-friendly materials, making these monsters stand out in our minds. Kids will love that Zomster monsters are a friendly bunch and many of them seem to be twists on different animals, which will help stretch their imaginations. For some monster-inspired room décor, check out the Zomsters Art Blocks ($20-50), which are available in four different sizes. Zomsters also carries lines of growl-worthy clothing for infants and toddlers, as well as other products.

Uglydolls Monster

Give your kid a monster friend, and she’ll be toting it around for weeks–but watch out, her imaginary friend might even get jealous. Sure, Uglydolls ($20) might seem unattractive to the average Joe, but kids know that they’re adorable and fun to play with. Each super soft 12-inch doll has a unique personality, too, from Croudy the skeptic (pictured) to Babo the protector.

Monster Wall Decals

As you might expect, Etsy is a monster paradise. Some of our favorites from the land of creative goodness include these awesome Monster Wall Decals ($88) that can be customized – you can pick the monsters and colors, or let your child pick his or her new monster buddies. And, as if these wall monsters could get any cooler, they are reusable, so they can easily be moved around the room or from room to room, as necessary.

Custom Monster Hat

Another Etsy must-have for the tiniest little monster are these Custom Crocheted Monster Hats ($18). While your baby looks so sweet now, it won’t be long before her monster tendencies come to a head (terrible twos, anyone?), so just come to terms with it now and deck her out in monster gear from the start. These hats are also customizable, range in size from newborn to adult (matching monster hats for the entire family!) and can be made in any color you choose, by request.

Monster Backpack

With back-to-school right around the corner, it won’t be long before you’ll be checking off things on your school supply list. Your kiddo will give you a monster-sized hug if you get him this Striped Monster Backpack ($30). As usual with products from GAP, every little detail has been considered, down to the corduroy monster toenails and adjustable straps that are padded for walking to school uphill both ways (in the snow). Your kid will love that the monster is facing out, so when he wears the backpack, his monster will always be watching his back.

Monster Kids Umbrella

Even monsters have to venture out into the rain now and again and there’s no better way to keep your monster scales dry than this Monster Kids’ Umbrella ($19) by Hatley. Want to take things to the next level? Hatley also has rain boots ($38) and a raincoat ($53) available in the same monster print. All of their products truly stand the test of time with kids – their raincoats are lined with soft terry and their rain boots have sturdy soles for heavy-duty monster-sized puddle splashing.

What do you outfit your little monster in? Let us know below!

— Katie Kavulla