photo: Sensory TheraPLAY via Instagram

Does your kid like to play with all things squishy, soft or goopy? Does she like pulling, kneading, stretching and fidgeting with anything she can get her hands on? Then you’re going to want to check out this awesome monthly subscription box designed for “sensory-seeking” kids.

Sensory TheraPLAY boxes are filled with all kinds of cool stuff, including stretchy putty, aromatherapy dough, hand fidgets, stress balls — basically, anything that’s squeezable, stretchable or touchable. The boxes are the brainchild of occupational therapist Christina Kozlowski, who was inspired to make the monthly care packages after realizing the need for “toys” that can help kids cope with stress.

“Parents are always looking for toys and items which can help their children cope with stressful situations or strong emotions,” Kozlowski said in an email. “Part of my job of being a OT is to recommend sensory-type toys and items to teachers/parents for use in the classroom or even at home. I would frequently be asked by the parents of my clients, ‘What toys can I buy for my child?’ or be asked what items or hand fidgets would be calming for their child or help them pay attention in school.”

Kozlowski said “sensory toys” can be calming for all kids (and grown-ups!), but are especially useful for kids with sensory processing disorders.

“For children with sensory needs, these sensory boxes are a way to help them calm down, self regulate or provide the sensory input they crave,” she said. “However, all children can enjoy these sensory toys (including adults!) because they’re just fun to play with. All children and even adults find stretchy, squeezy or textured toys intriguing.”

Boxes are $39.95 a month or $113.85 for a three-month subscription. For more information check out

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