Just one look at your photo library, Facebook and Instagram feeds show just how much you love capturing fun family moments. After all, multi-tasking to you means snapping, uploading and emailing all with one eye on your inbox and the other on the latest episode of “Breaking Bad.” Make new memories, organize your existing ones and get your kids involved snapping photos with Moonfrye, a new app created by Soleil Moon Frye aka Punky Brewster and her business partner Kara Nortman. Moonfrye makes capturing new online memories fun with themes, collages, stickers, a sweet auto detect technology and accompanying DIY craft ideas for kids.


What It Is
Moonfrye is a free app for the iPhone or iPod touch that allows you and your kids to create new photographic memories in a creative way. Turn your existing photos into personalized adventures with the app’s fun themes or design new photos by creating a collage or superimposing your smiley face onto a picturesque background (your kids in their soccer uniforms in front of the Golden Gate Bridge? Sure!). Each theme (think: dinosaurs, Halloween, safari, and tropical vacation) also comes with a DIY instructional craft for when you’re done creating your photo. The crafts, which include step-by-step instructions and photos, bring together the digital world with a real world activity.

How it Works
When you open the app, you have the opportunity to unlock different themes (don’t worry, they’re all free). Themes include Halloween, Rainbow, Pirate and Princess to name a few. Each week Moonfrye will unlock more themes based on the user’s interaction with the app and the more memories you create, the more additional themes and stickers you’ll get to choose from.


Once you’ve picked your theme you have two choices–make a collage or create a photo cutout. Collages allow you to pick up to four photos from your photo library that will be created into a tiled collage. Decorate your collage with fun stickers (ghosts and goblins for Halloween; treasure chest and gold coins for Pirate) and write captions on the collage.

Photo cutouts lets you take a photo of yourself to paste on a background from your existing photos. For example, take the photo from your recent fall hike and the cutout option allows you to place a photo of your kids acting silly in their Halloween costumes with the fall hike background. This is where the sweet auto detect technology comes into play. The technology (Moonfrye is the first app to use it) allows users to crop individuals out of existing images and place them in a variety of themed backgrounds. After creating your memory, Moonfrye offers a variety of DIY craft ideas that let you bring your creativity from the screen to your home.


Once you’ve designed your memory, sharing is easy. You have the option to save to your camera roll, email, message, copy, Facebook, Tweet, Instagram and even print. Not happy with what you created? Simply go back to your Memory folder and edit the images.

What Sets It Apart
Chances are your kids can navigate your iPhone with their eyes closed except what they’re usually engrossed in is a game that may or may not (ok usually not) include educational elements. Harness that excitement for technology with this app, which gets your kids thinking creatively. With Moonfrye, they’re no longer the focus of your photos but have a hand in creating photographic memories themselves in a simple and intuitive platform.

Download It: moonfrye.com

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Written by: Erin Lem

first two photos courtesy of Moonfrye; third photo was created with just a few taps