How much would you pay for the most expensive ice cream in America? Well apparently there’s a $1,500 ice cream dessert that you can actually buy. So what exactly is in a $1,500 sundae? And what in the heck makes it so darn expensive?

The dessert, which is available only at NYC’s Baccarat Hotel in Manhattan, includes a house-made vanilla ice cream that uses imported Madagascar vanilla beans. Hmm. We weren’t thinking that its base was made from what amounts to single scoop of fancy AF Breyer’s Ice Cream, the OG vanilla bean ice cream that’s a bit more approachable for folks.

A white chocolate shell (hand-painted with cocoa butter, because, of course) sits on top of the vanilla ice cream. And then comes the really expensive stuff. You’ll get 3 grams of black truffle crumble, which runs roughly $95 per ounce. The black truffle crumble is made of black truffle (obviously), Valrhona Gold cocoa nibs and 64 percent Manjari dark chocolate. Whoa.

Oh, but the dessert doesn’t end there.

The “Bear Extraordinaire”, as the dessert is called, also includes a hibiscus champagne sauce, citrus meringue and fondant butterflies that sit on angel hair sugar strands. But wait. There’s more. The dessert isn’t complete without edible gold and silver leafing. (You can watch how it’s made here.)

Even though the sundae itself is crazy-expensive for an ice cream treat, it’s the dessert’s bowl that is the real big-ticket item. It’s served in a $1,200 crystal bowl with a bear figurine face. (Don’t worry, for the price you’re paying you also get to keep the bear.)

But you can order the ice cream dessert only (sans the take-home bowl)—for the low, low price of $300 for a single scoop of ice cream.

—Erica Loop

Photos: CNBC Make It via Youtube/Featured Photo: JC Bonassin via Unsplash


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