photo: Pixabay

Splashing in the waves or exploring a National Park? Saying hello to Mickey or enrolling at Hogwarts? These are the questions that must be asked when it comes time to plan your next family vacation, so who makes the ultimate decision? According to a new survey, the majority of families let their kids influence the choice.

The 2017 Kidpinion Travel Survey, conducted by HomeAway and FamilyFun magazine, found that 87% of parents say their kid plays a role in vacation planning. The survey, which polled 555 parents and kids ages 6-18 across the U.S., also found that 43% of kids would rather go on vacation than receive a physical gift for their next birthday.

When it comes to planning where to go and what to do, nearly half of all kids said seeing a new place or trying something new was their favorite part of vacation. Besides a new destination, most kids (and parents) ranked access to a pool as their number one vacation amenity. One third of kids wished they could bring their pets along for the trip and over half thought having a friend along would be ideal. When it came to dream destinations parents and kids were in agreement with private island, castle and treehouse as the top three choices for unique places to stay.

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