It’s that time of year again … your kids are already thinking about Halloween and you can’t believe the holidays are just about back in season. But first things first—what are they going to be?! This year has been robust when it comes to awesome costume inspiration from the big (and small) screen. Read on for our favorite picks for easy Halloween costumes, characters, as well as classics galore.

Black Panther

It’s one thing to go as Black Panther, which this year proved to be perhaps the coolest Avenger of all time, and it’s another to light up the night, too, with the chest trims in this costume (there's a hidden on/off switch). If your little King T’Challa really wants to go all out (and has saved up some allowance), there’s even a Black Panther Glove Set, complete with battle sounds.

Sizes: 3 - 13

Available at, starting at $49.95.


An Incredible Family

With the Incredibles 2 storming the box office this summer, dress up everyone as the Parr family and save the world with get-ups for Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible and Elastigirl, Violet, Dash, and Baby Jack-Jack. And Super news: Party City can outfit the whole family.

Sizes: 2T - L

Available at, $29.99.


Fancy Nancy

What’s fancy for Halloween? Fancy Nancy Clancy sure would know. The new Fancy Nancy show from Disney Junior has brought Jane O’Connor’s beloved character to delightful life, and it’s all kinds of marvelous (that’s fancy for great). This costume is marvelous as well, from its striped tights all the way up to a sparkly tiara. Ooh, la la!

Sizes: 3T - 6

Available at, $30.

LEGO Block Party

LEGO Batman (and Batgirl!) are sure to be a popular new costume on the block this year. Tunic, detachable cape, pants, mask and hands are all included to fully deck your little Dark Knight. There's also a Joker costume, as well as the entire LEGO Ninjago gang, so Lloyd and Nya fans needn’t fear.

Sizes: 4 - 12

Available at, $39.63.

Vampire? Ballerina? Vampirina!

Halloween night may never be complete again without Transylvania expat Vampirina in the mix. Of Vampirina Ballerina book fame, she has been on the small screen with her monster family since the Vampirina television series premiered last October. This year, fandom is sure to be in full swing for this “ghoulish girl in a human world,” so pick up her look for year-round dress-up days.

Sizes: 3T - 10

Available at, starting at $19.99.


‘Tis the season for epic sequels, and Jurassic World 2 is no exception. Go a little more trick than treat this year with an inflatable T-Rex costume! Indominus Rex and Velociraptor are also available (but going fast). And speaking of inflatable, you may also want to check out Target’s trendy flamingo version.

Sizes: 3 & up

Available at, $45.49.

Pooh Bear & Friends

The classic duo of Christopher Robin and Winnie the Pooh is definitely back in town thanks to this summer’s Christopher Robin movie. Not to mention Piglet, Tiger, and Eeyore. So cue up an empty jar of hunny for some nostalgic trick or treating. This costume is perfect for a little Pooh Bear, no jacket required!

Sizes: 2T - 4T

Available at, starting at $24.99.

Nella the Princess Knight

This new princess is also a Target exclusive costume this year. We love that Nella is brave, strong and seems to lead the way with her turquoise heart.

Sizes: 3T - 6

Available at, $20.

Hop to It

Easter may be over, but Halloween gives Peter Rabbit fans another chance to hop into the fun. So if your tots keep begging you to get the Easter eggs back out, they’re in luck with this ear-to-foot ensemble.

Sizes: S - M

Available at, $34.76.

Classic Costume Picks

There’s no denying it—pumpkins, witches and ghosts are classic costume delights on Halloween. Pottery Barn Kids has put a spin on things this year with a line of glow-in-the-dark costumes (pumpkin, witch, ghost, skeleton and more). Since these are on the pricier side, it’s great to go with a classic for future Halloween hand-me-downs (their yarn-dyed fibers are also environmentally friendly and made to last). Meanwhile, that glow just needs a half hour of charging to last three to four hours—plenty of time to light the way for trick-or-treating.

Sizes: 3T - 10Y

Available at, $89.

Han Solo

Another installment came down the Star Wars pike this year with Solo: A Star Wars Story. So make it a Han Halloween and the Imperial fleet won’t stand a chance! Qi’ra, Lando, and Chewbacca round out the cast for costume inspiration.

Sizes: 4 - 14

Available at, $25.59.

Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins will officially be back in business just in time for the holiday release of Mary Poppins Returns. Get a Halloween head start by going as the adored nanny herself. This darling rendition even includes Mary’s trademark hat, gloves and a blue bowtie.

Sizes: 4 - 14

Available at, $23.90.

Super Mario

Since the ‘90s are back in a big way, how about this spot-on Super Mario, complete with hat, mustache, gloves and a one-piece jumpsuit? And, yes, that is an inflatable belly! This makes a great buddy costume, too, if you have a Luigi in the house! And you can’t beat the price.

Sizes: Small, Medium, & Large

Available at, $14.97.

Popular Poppy

Trolls World Tour won’t hit theaters until 2020, but that also means Poppy, Branch, Bridget and DJ Suki will still be trending for Halloweens to come. This darling Poppy dress may get some wear all on its own, and she’ll definitely want to put her hair up for Halloween!

Sizes: 3T - 12

Available at, $19.49 & up.


Power Ninja

Rest assured, the candy will be in good hands thanks to Red Ranger Ninja Steel. This perfect ninja/Power Ranger combo has everything your Halloween hero needs, including a muscle-padded jumpsuit to, gold belt, and soft mask.

Sizes: 2T - 6

Available at, $29.99.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman 1984 is being written as we speak, so while we wait for the sequel, your little Wonder Woman will get plenty of wear out of this sweet costume that comes with a dress, belt, gauntlets, tiara, and even shin guards. Halloween night will be the first of many times she saves the neighborhood, we’re sure.

Sizes: Small, Medium, and Large

Available at, $20.67.


Paw Patrol

The loveable pups from Nick Jr.’s show are still a hit with the tot lot. Your kiddo will be ready for a ruff-ruff rescue in this adorable Marshall costume, complete with fire helmet, Pat Patrol badge, and backpack! If your little one prefers another pop, check out all the options here.

Sizes: 2T - 4T

Available at, $22.49.


If your little Shopkins fans have wracked up a serious Shoppie doll collection, they’ll love knowing they can dress up as Shoppies too with a dress and headpiece. We are flipping for this Peppa-Mint get-up, and Jessicake is also super sweet.

Sizes: Small & Medium

Available at, $27.99.

Blazing Speed

Your little monster truck fan can channel AJ and race through the Monster Dome in this awesome jumpsuit. The Blaze label adorns the front of the padded suit (which is great for chilly Halloween nights!), and the gloves and helmut are included. Now, let’s Blaze!

Sizes: 3T, 4T, & Small

Available at, $29.99.

Rainbow Unicorn

The unicorn craze still tops the shop over at Target’s Hyde and Eek! Boutique. This shimmery rainbow version comes complete with headband and wand and is available in toddler and kid sizes, so unicorns for everyone!

Sizes: 2T - 12

Available at, starting at $20.00.

— Jennifer Massoni Pardini


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