Looking for candy to fill those plastic Easter eggs that won’t melt? You can never go wrong with jelly beans. Using over 11 years of candy sales data and the results from over 23,000 survey responses, CandyStore.com has rounded up the most popular jelly bean flavors in the country to help you with your selection!

This year Easter and National Jelly Bean Day (yes, it’s a thing) fall back-to-back on Apr. 21 and Apr. 22, so it couldn’t be a better choice for Easter fun. Here are America’s top five choices.

image: Courtesy of CandyStore.com

1. Buttered Popcorn

It’s salty, it’s buttery and it’s officially the most popular jelly bean flavor in the country.

2. Cinnamon

Moving up from third place this spicy flavor is a sign of the trend towards spiced candies overall.

3. Black Licorice

This is a divisive flavor: you either love it or you hate it—but clearly it’s currently getting more love than hate as it takes the top third spot in the country for popular jelly bean flavors.

4. Cherry

As one the most traditional jelly bean flavors it should come as no surprise that this sweet staple is still a frontrunner after decades.

5. Watermelon

This flavor is popular across the country because you can never go wrong with the sweet taste of summer fun.

For more jelly bean favorites, check out the full list of top choices in the country here.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Patrick Fore via Unsplash



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