What’s your idea of the perfect purchase at Whole Foods Market? Recently employees and customers revealed their picks to INSIDER. Read on for some of the most sought-after selections. Did your favorite Whole Foods product make the cut?

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Sir Kensington's Special Sauce

It's non-GMO, gluten free and a favorite. Yep, shoppers picked this condiment as one of the top products. Slather this sauce on a hamburger, veggie burger or just about anything else. 

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365 Tortilla Chips

One customer told INSIDER that these restaurant style chips are his favorite item in the store. And with that taste...well, they should be.

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The Cheese Section

Okay, so an entire department isn't exactly one pick. But the cheese section does have anywhere from 250 to 1,000 selections—making it a store standout. 

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Yum! With plenty of varieties to choose from, Whole Foods Market hummus is a spread that shoppers seem to love. 

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Stone Crabs

Even though the seafood section as a whole is a fan favorite, it looks like the stone crabs stood apart as one of the best picks. 

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Dandelion Greens

Unlike other salad selections, dandelion greens aren't exactly easy to come by. And that's precisely why Whole Foods Market's customers choose this healthy choice as one of the winners.

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Gorgonzola Panini

Take a trip to the hot food section and you'll find this top-placing sandwich. Of course, it wasn't the only prepared foods pick. But one loyal customer did note that they make a special trip to their local store just for this superior sammie. 


Yep, Whole Foods customers are bananas about...well, the bananas. Even though this is a grocery store staple, it still earns high marks from the retailer's fans. 

Waterloo Water

It's refreshing, it has zero calories and it's naturally flavored! Waterloo Watermelon Sparkling Water isn't just tasty, it's a top Whole Foods choice among regular customers.

photo: Courtesy of Whole Foods/Georg Beyer

Grass-Fed Steak

Like the seafood section, the beef section also got top marks. But it was the grass-fed steak that truly caught the attention of Whole Foods shoppers.


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—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Courtesy of Whole Foods Market


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