If you’re all about Oreo’s creme center, you’re in luck! Reportedly, the classic cookie’s The Most Stuf version is primed to make a comeback—and it’s hitting store shelves this winter.

When Double Stuf Oreos just don’t cut it, The Most Stufs will. For those of you who missed these limited-edtion goodies the first go around (and for those of you who did and now wish they never went away), you only have mere months left until you can enjoy the awesomeness.

Like other Oreos, these creamy, dreamy sweets are made with the the classic chocolate cookies on the outside. As the name implies, these delish desserts have the most “stuf” inside.

So when can you expect the return of The Most Stuf Oreos to reach your grocery store? While there’s no official word on a debut date, reports put the comeback sometime in early 2020.

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Target



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