From the moment you hold your precious little bundle you’re hooked—but that doesn’t mean motherhood is all angelic coos and playdates. Ask any mom and they’ll tell you there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye and (let’s be honest) it can be tough. Really tough. Lucky for us, we have our mom friends and streaming shows like the hilariously honest Motherland. If you haven’t seen Motherland yet, read on to learn why it’s going to be your new mom-show addiction (and how you can watch it now).

Because: It Is All of Us

Exclusively on Sundance Now, Motherland is the show for any mom who’s tried to do it all (and ends up doing it all wrong). For any mama who has tried to plan the perfect birthday party, been late to work because the kids just couldn’t get their shoes on, or the mama who just couldn’t handle one more PTA meeting, Motherland is the show for you.

#MomSquad Goals

What gets you through some of the toughest days? Yes, the light in the eyes of your beautiful children…but also, your rag-tag gang of mom friends.

Motherland follows over (and under) achiever Julia (Anna Maxwell Martin) as she tries to navigate the world of full-time work, school drop-off, fundraisers, and the hands-on Alpha Moms she’s trying to please—headed by Amanda (Lucy Punch). Amanda is that mom whose house is designer-clean, whose hair is always perfect and who seems (at least on the outside) to have it all. Julia is befriended by Liz (Diane Morgan), a single mom whose brilliant life hacks make Julia’s overwhelming plans that much easier. Case in point: when hosting a kid’s birthday party, keep the kids out of the room you didn’t have time to clean by putting up a Wet Paint sign. Julia’s squad is complete with eager, earnest, stay-at-home-dad, Kevin (Paul Ready) who generally irritates most of the moms in Motherland but proves a true friend to all.

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On Demand, on Your Time

Kids asleep and you’ve got time to binge watch? Or maybe you are catching up one episode at a time while your baby naps in your arms. It doesn’t matter how hectic your day—you can make time to watch Motherland exclusively on Sundance Now—an all streaming, totally commercial-free channel that allows you to watch Motherland uninterrupted on any streaming device. In addition, Sundance Now is home to exclusive and original content including This Close, Riviera, Rillington Place, Prisoners, Public Enemy, Take 5 Series and much much more.

Yes, That Sundance

Sundance Now is AMC Networks’ premium streaming service, offering original and exclusive dramas, comedies, and true crime series, in addition to award-winning movies from every genre, including foreign-language and documentary features—all streaming commercial-free. Built on the Sundance legacy and curated by acclaimed filmmakers and cultural icons, Sundance Now is proud to present an extensive array of entertainment for a passionate and intellectually curious audience. Including weary and witty moms like you.

How to Watch

Sundance Now is available with a 7-day free trial and $6.99 a month. Red Tricycle readers can get a 30-day FREE trial when you enter the code TRICYCLE (that’s enough time to watch all the available episodes of Motherland!) With a membership you’ll get unlimited access to all films, documentaries and series available on the platform.  Sundance Now is available on most streaming platforms, online and through the Sundance Now app.

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—Amber Guetebier